Meet Our Team

Will Shumate


"Meet Will Shumate, the man who started it all. Will was the regions first mobile entertainer dating back to 1977. Armed with a few stacks of records and a couple of turntables, Will played the area nightclubs at night, but never missed an 8 o'clock morning sales meeting at the radio station the next morning.

Will Lawrence


"Will Lawrence has been a deejay for us since
August of 2020. Will is an accomplished
musician and vocalist. Will is also producer and
has been working with acclaimed artist and
producer Randy Gilkey.

Jeff Hickok


"Hi there! I'm DJ Jeff Hickok, otherwise known as The Dallas Wedding DJ.

Tanner Cantley


After being in multiple weddings of friends and family, I have developed a passion for life’s special events.

Joseph Johnson

Technical Director

Hello Everyone, My Name is Joseph Johnson and I am heading up the Abe One Deejays of Texas Division. I have been Deejaying events since 2004, I am also the Technical Direct for Abe One DJ's.

John Covey Cole


I have been in the entertainment business for nearly 20 years. I started out as a musician and a host for open mic and karaoke shows.

Tony Mitchell


Ladies and Gentleman I am DJ Tony M, I am a music lover who has never been ashamed to let it express myself.

Kerri Shumate


Hi am Kerri Shumate , youngest daughter of Will Shumate our fearless leader of Abe One. I wear many hats including helping my dad and have been Dj'ing since 2007.

Brian Wills


I played on the stage of the Grand ol Opry when I was 17.

Martin Brown


I am DJ Downtown Brown (Martin Brown) I am the newest member of the Abe One DJ's team